Second day of the Danube Spring School

The second working day of the Danube Spring School started with the lecture doc. dr Jelena Kleut from the Faculty of Philosophy University of Novi Sad, who spoke about media and public spheres in the Danube region and Europe. It was talked about role and different functions of mass media which are great connectors between society and state. In the second part of the lecture there are presented the results of research conducted at the Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, dedicated to how Europe and euro integrations are portrayed in the media of Western Balkans and Serbia.

After a short break, prof. dr Marko Skorić, also from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad, spoke about cultural heritage and identity in the Danube region. He emphasized the role of cultural heritage which is very important in identity construction. Cultural heritage has cohesive and separatist potential at the same time.

After lunch, all participants went to the Petrovaradin fortress where they visited the catacombs with the help of local guide. Walking through underground military tunnels and galleries, learning about their architecture was a little adventure for our participants, as well as a good opportunity to learn about the history and secrets of underground Petrovaradin. After the visit, all participants got their free time for sightseeing and other activities in Novi Sad until the end of this day.