Closing day of Danube School of Cultural Heritage

After successfully implemented Danube School of Cultural Heritage in Novi Sad for a period of 6 days the closing ceremony has been held. At the closing ceremony director of the Danube Area Research Center Aleksandar M. Gajić as a representative of the organization addressed to participants. The ceremony was attended by participants of the Danube School of Cultural Heritage and Mr. Paul F. Langer as a representative of European Danube Academy, as well as the entire DAReC team that implemented the program in cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad.

Aleksandar M. Gajić, expressed his gratitude to the participants of the school, as well as partners and donors who helped the implementation of the school.

Participants of Danube School of Cultural Heritage were researchers from 12 countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine.

Special importance for the participants was group work, where with the support of members of DAReC they prepared and presented their project ideas. Previously they visited Underground area of Petrovaradin fortress, provided by the City Museum of Novi Sad.

The closing ceremony of the Danube School of Cultural Heritage was completed with the certificate award ceremony to participants of the school.