Call for Danube School of National Minorities 2021

Call for participants

Danube Area Research Center (DAReC) is a non-governmental organization, with the main goals to educate young people interested in the research of Danube region, establishing partnerships with the civil society and academic communities and implementing projects.

We are pleased to announce the official call for the Danube School of National Minorities 2021 (DSNM), designed in partnership with the European Danube Academy.

Danube School of National Minorities 2021 is created with the aim to bring together young people of various nationalities and academic backgrounds from Europe to attend a diverse and versatile academic program. During the 3 days, you will spend with us, our lecturers will guide you through a variety of topics and themes, which are relevant, interesting and up-to-date.

The School will take place in near Novi Sad, on Andrevlje, in the hotel Ceptor, on the mountain Fruška gora, from 11th to 13th June, including the arrival and departure dates. Novi Sad is a nice and lively town, located on the left Danube riverbank. This time of the year will give you an opportunity to enjoy the scenery and impressive image of the Danube River, as well as to participate in quality lectures and learn new things from your area of expertise. The lectures and workshops will provide a unique blend of international and local expertise while allowing you to take part in discussions and share knowledge, experience, and ideas. The Danube School of National Minorities 2021 will include several topics in order to help the participants gain insight into the integrated Danube macro-region.


The following preliminary topics will be presented by relevant professors from various Universities:

  • Historical and political background of National Minorities in the Danube region;
  • Rights and positions of National Minorities in the Danube region;
  • Rights and positions of National Minorities in AP Vojvodina;
  • Cultural and ethnic diversity in AP Vojvodina;
  • Cultural Heritage of National Minorities in AP Vojvodina and in the Danube region;
  • The legacy of the Danube Swabians;
  • EU vs. AP Vojvodina;
  • Projects about National Minorities.

Since the timeframe of this school is three days, only a brief insight into different thematic areas can be provided. In addition, diverse professional and educational backgrounds of participants will provide inspiring, interesting, and productive interactions between participants and lecturers.

Important information

When: 11-13th June 2021.

Where: Andrevlje near Novi Sad, Serbia

Deadline for applications: 4th June 2021, 23:59 CET.

The school is open for European master and Ph.D. students, recent graduates as well as young professionals interested for history, positions and rights of National Minorities in the Danube region.

Number of participants: 20

Official language: English / Serbian

Costs: Participation fee for the school is 25 EUR. Participation fee includes school materials, lectures, accommodation, meals and coffee breaks, as well as one short excursion and a traditional Serbian night (music, food, drinks – no limit).

There are no available funds to cover the travel costs and health insurance for the duration of the school, so this part must be arranged by the selected participants themselves. Otherwise, in case of illness, they will need to bear the costs of the medical treatment.

Every participant will receive a certificate of attendance. However, you have to attend at least 90% of the lectures according to the program. Your participation will be controlled by the organizers.

Application: Please send us your short CV + motivation letter where you will describe why you want to participate in this program. Our email address:

For any additional questions, send us e-mail to the following addresses: and

Important note: Only the selected participants will be contacted afterward. The list of selected participants will be published on the website.